What to Pack for a River Cruise (The 10 Essentials You Must Bring)

Do you know why river cruises have become popular in the past few years? That is because they offer a convenient and entertaining way to travel. With state-of-the-art vessels and spectacular views, these cruises are attracting more passengers than ever, be it families, solo travelers, and Millenials.

But why should you choose the river cruises than other travel options? Aside from the fact that they eliminate the need to make hotel reservations, you do not need to decide what food to eat and arrange transportation between cities. In most cases, you have already paid for everything on a cruise, except for onboard drinks and shopping excursions.

And as the peak season of cruises from Perth gets underway, we are listing down a few important things to bring to get you ready for an ultimate water adventure.

What to Bring to a River Cruise in Perth

Here are a few essentials to pack for your river adventures:

1. Power Bank

Yes, modern vessels might have integrated both American- and European-style outlets for charging devices. However, you can never be so sure. So, it’s worth asking and calling.

While you are at it, ask how many outlets are there in the vessel. Depending on the size of the boat, most will only have one outlet. Bringing a power bank with you will give you peace of mind as you can charge your device whenever you want.

2. Comfortable Walking Shoes

This might sound like a no-brainer, but there are many travelers out there who have gone on river cruises with only a pair of flats. Although there’s nothing wrong with it, you have to consider the number of days you’ll be spending on the cruise. It’s also a different case when you will have to go down the boat and walk to different cities. Bringing a pair of extra thick-soled walking shoes will spare you from all the pain.

3. Portable Water Bottles

Will you be spending afternoons walking and touring around cities? Then a portable water bottle will come handy. While most river cruises from Perth make sure to provide a clean water supply, you cannot be so sure about having a container.

4. Clothes

How can you ever forget bringing clothes? You have to pack with you enough clothes for the entire trip. Of course, you can wear whatever clothes you want, but don’t forget your swimmers. Often times, cruises stop at islands that are great for diving or snorkeling. You wouldn’t want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, right?

5. Tote Bag

During the trip, you should bring with you a tote bag. Why? This is simply because it is more spacious, but less bulky compared to a typical tourist backpack. A tote bag makes a great space for your listening devices, water bottles, souvenirs, and rain gear. It would be great if your tote bag comes with a zipper. This way, your items remain secure on your excursion.

6. Extra Memory Card

Are you bringing your DSLR camera, but don’t plan to bring your laptop? It would be smart to bring extra memory cards, so you can just replace them when they become full.

If you are planning to shoot with your smartphone, we suggest that you delete your old photos or migrate them to your laptop prior to your trip. You don’t want to run out of memory space while in a beautiful town or city.

7. Rain Gear

It is difficult to predict the weather, but you don’t want to take chances, right? So, be sure to carry with you a foldable umbrella, a disposable rain poncho, or even a cap.

8. Insect Repellent

A cruise adventure isn’t just about picturesque seascapes. Because the waters are the homes of mosquitoes, expect to have them aboard. Bring your favourite insect repellent to keep these pesky creatures at bay and so you can enjoy your entire water escapade.

9. An Extra Carry-On Baggage

Rivers cruises aren’t always spent on the waters. Sometimes, the boats dock in the port, giving the passengers enough time to pick up souvenirs and gifts. An extra carry-on bag provides you with more space to stock up treats, chocolates, and tea.

10. Bag Tags

These tags may be optional, but they are often a life-saver. With these tags sticking out your bags, you can easily identify your belongings. And if you will have to transfer from land to sea and vice versa, these tags will keep your items from getting lost.

River cruises are like city breaks, it’s just that they’re done on the water. So, leave all the unnecessary stuff behind and carry with you only the essentials. And make sure that you book the best river cruises that Perth has to offer.

For the ultimate river cruise in Perth, contact Edjargo Marine. We can arrange a private cruise for you and your family. We can also host your private events and parties. Call us at 0400 833 060.

How to Enjoy Cruising in Swan River Perth

With its amazing waterways network and beautiful coastline, Perth and its surrounding areas are a perfect destination to explore by boat.

In case you don’t know, Western Australia’s capital is popular for its cruises and water adventure. You can book a wide range of cruises from Perth or even organise your own private river cruise in Perth for a special event. Depending on the duration of the cruise and the inclusions, the cost usually varies. But if you choose to book a private river cruise with Edjargo Marine, you can definitely get good deals.

Among the most popular cruises from Perth is the private river cruise in Perth. While it’s among the most sought after, many don’t really enjoy it the way locals do. So, we’ve listed down a few tips below to help you enjoy cruising in Swan River Perth like a local.

What to Do While Cruising in Swan River Perth

Below are a few things you can do while cruising Swan River Perth:

1. Wine Cruise

You can hit two birds with one stone while cruising down Perth’s scenic Swan River. In most tours, morning and afternoon refreshments are offered on board, so you can enjoy wine while on the water. If time permits, you may then visit one winery in Swan Valley, go on a tour, taste the wine, and have lunch.

2. Perth Zoo

There are Swan River cruises that come with a ticket to the Perth Zoo. This zoo is an oasis to many of the Australian aboriginal wildlife, such as dingoes, emus, bilbies, koalas, quokkas, kangaroos, crocodiles, and cassowaries.

3. Fremantle Cruise

Also called “Freo” to the locals, Fremantle is starting to gain popularity as one of Western Australia’s favourite cities. After a private river cruise in Perth, you can head over to this city and listen to the commentary on the attractions and sceneries.

4. Dinner Cruise

For a more romantic experience, go on a dinner cruise down the Swan River. This way, you can enjoy the city lights from a different perspective. Cruises often serve buffet meals, but you can always pay for a la carte dining. Normally, these dinner cruises in Swan River last around three hours with on-board entertainment and bar.

5. Morning Cruises

There are also lunch cruises that take you down the Swan River. Some also arrange breakfast and morning tea cruises.

Travel over waters to discover the wildlife and sights that only cruises from Perth can offer! Take a private cruise in Swan River with Edjargo Marine.

Perth Cruises Onboard the Highland Spirit

Perth was once an Australian backwater. Today, it is hailed the vanguard of miles of pristine coastlines, cool art, and a culture that is relaxed yet so-ready for the future. Situated next to the Swan River, Perth is truly a wonderful place to explore. It’s a city that Western Australia can be proud of.

Now, if you are looking to explore the turquoise waters of Perth’s long coast or swim the city’s rip-free waters, then cruising is the way to go.

Cruise with Edjargo Marine

Edjargo Marine offers you the chance to cruise or fish along the beautiful coast of Perth city onboard a luxury private charter vessel. Our vessel, Highland Spirit, is a luxury 60-foot charter vessel that boasts all new features: LED lighting, a newly converted interior and wheelhouse, and all the latest technology.

This is your opportunity to cruise Perth River or Perth Islands while relaxing on deck. With us, you can choose to fish the waters surrounding the Abrolhos Islands, or book a corporate event your guests will love. We also take bookings for buck's and hen parties. When you party the day or night away on board the Highland Spirit, we’re confident your celebration will be one you and your friends won’t forget!

Private Cruises 

When you book a cruise to Perth, Rottnest Island, or Carnac Island, you can soak up the sun, relax on deck and swim in the ocean.

During our Perth cruise, you’ll sail down the Swan River from Fremantle Harbour to the city, admiring Kings Park on the way. Swim in the crystal clear waters of the Swan River, watch the yachts racing by at close quarters, and, if you opt for a twilight cruise, you’ll enjoy your favourite drink as you savour the stunning backdrop of the Perth skyline.

If you’d like a day trip, choose our cruise to Rottnest Island. We anchor up in the reserve, so you can enjoy a plunge in the gorgeous ocean from our swimming platform. Enjoy a barbecue on board, relax and soak up the sun, or doze in the shade beneath our canopy and breathe in the fresh Indian Ocean air.

The third option is a cruise to the calm, shallow waters of Carnac Island. It takes about 25 minutes to cruise to Carnac Island from Fremantle. You may even get to see curious dolphins and sea lions while you explore the large sheltered bay.

Perth Fishing 

Our Perth fishing trips are full or half-day trips from Sardine Jetty in Fremantle. We target a variety of fish such as break sea cod, red snapper and WA Dhufish, and we also fish for western rock lobster. The best part is, you can take home any lobster we catch and cook it yourself. Delicious!

Longer Fishing Trips 

If you’re a keen fisherman, you’ll love our fishing trips to the Abrolhos Islands, which take place between April and June. These trips take three, four or five days and you’ll sleep on board the Highland Spirit. You’re likely to catch a variety of northern and southern species of fish including tuna, pink snapper, coral trout, and Spanish mackerel, and you’ll likely get an opportunity to snorkel and snare yourself a crayfish.

Our Ultimate Private Charter Vessel

Interested to go on a private cruise to Rottnest Island, Carnac Island, or Perth? Want to go fishing in the waters of Perth? Whatever it is that you want to do, choose to book our ultimate private charter vessel.

Our vessel has many amazing features and amenities that you and your guests will enjoy. It has a 6-burner BBQ, a swimming platform, a spacious canopy and deck, a daybed, an air-conditioned wheel house, premium sound system, cafe blinds, and LED-colored dance lighting. It can also accommodate up to 48 guests, so you can share the fun with everyone!

If you’re interested in a cruise or fishing trip in Perth, take a look at the options available to you on our website. You can book your trip on our site, send us an email, or call us at 0400 833 060.